Friday February 19, 2016


Dear Julia,

Oh, darling, I am a fool.

I’m a loser, and I should have known better.

I told Anna that I didn’t want to spoil the party... she shouted “you can’t do that, she loves you!” But I ran for my life.

The night before, Michelle said “I've got a feeling you know what to do — think for yourself and act naturally.” That’ll be the day!

It’s all too much… I’m so tired.

For both our benefit, why don’t we lay yesterday to waste in the sea of time? Every little thing.

Do you want to know a secret, my dear? I’m happy just to dance with you. Any time at all.

I’ll be back. I will.


P.S. - I want to tell you that what you’re doing for Eleanor means a lot. But please, please slow down.

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